Precinct 6 Constable
About Silvia Trevino

Constable Silvia Trevino is a 30+ Year Law Enforcement Officer with a Master Peace Officer Certification and a deep-rooted commitment to serving her community. She is a 2nd generation Precinct 6 Houstonian who was born and raised in Precinct 6’s Near Northside near Moody Park and she graduated from HISD’s Jeff Davis High School.


Chief Deputy
About Lillian Lozano

Chief Deputy Lillian Lozano, a native Houstonian, is a 33-year veteran Peace Officer. She graduated in 1984 from the Houston Community College Police Academy. Lillian began her career as a Reserve Deputy with Precinct 6 in 1985 with the late Constable Raul Martinez. Shortly thereafter, Lillian Lozano came on with Precinct 6 as a full-time deputy. She left Precinct 6 to obtain her many years of experience, working in schools as a campus officer with North Forest ISD, Harris County Precinct 2, HISD Police, Spring Branch ISD Police, and Alief ISD Police. In 2018, Constable Silvia Trevino appointed Lillian Lozano to the position of Chief Deputy of the Field Operations Command, overseeing the entire Patrol Division. Chief Deputy Lillian Lozano holds a Master Peace Officer Certification.


Assistant Chief Deputy
About Danny Avalos

Assistant Chief Deputy Danny Avalos, a native Houstonian, is a 24-year veteran Peace Officer. He graduated from the University of Houston Downtown Police Academy in 1993. Shortly thereafter, Danny Avalos was hired by former Constable Victor Trevino. After 10 years of service with Precinct 6, Danny Avalos went to work for the Houston Independent School District Police Department where he served for 12 years. In January 2017, Constable Silvia Trevino appointed Danny Avalos to the position of Captain overseeing the Field Operations Division. In 2018, Captain Avalos was promoted to the position of Assistant Chief Deputy overseeing the entire Administrative Operations, which includes but not limited to our Civil Warrants, Writs, Training, Recruiting, Investigations, Communications, Internal Affairs and numerous specialized and other Administrative divisions. Assistant Chief Deputy Danny Avalos holds a Master Peace Officer Certification.


Captain of Patrol
About Joe Alanis

Captain Joe Alanis began his 25 year Law Enforcement career with Precinct 6 Harris County Constable’s Office. In the beginning of his law enforcement career, he served as a truancy officer and a bike patrol officer. He was later promoted as Corporal overseeing Writs, Special Ops, Solo Division and the Warrant division which included the coordination of the statewide warrant runs. He then moved up in rank to sergeant over the Contract Patrol division. In January 2017, Constable Silvia Trevino appointed Joe Alanis to Captain. Captain Alanis has utilized his 25 years of Law Enforcement experience and knowledge to oversee the entire Patrol Division. Captain Joe Alanis holds a Master Peace Officer License, an Instructor Certification, and a Police Firearms Instruction Certification.


Captain of Administration
About Mario Monterroza

Mario Monterroza is an immigrant from Central America and attended Houston public schools throughout elementary and high school. Mario began his 16-year Law Enforcement career when he graduated from the Houston Community College Police Academy in 2001. Shortly after graduation, Mario joined Harris County Precinct 6 Constable’s Office under former Constable Victor Trevino as a Reserve Officer. After serving for 12 years with Precinct 6, Mario left to work for the Alief Police Department. In 2017, Constable Silvia Trevino appointed Mario Monterroza to the position of Lieutenant over Field Operations. In 2018, Mario was promoted to Captain of the the Administrative Command, overseeing coordination and supervision of several divisions including but not limited to, Bailiffs, Civil Deputies, Civil Clerks, Warrant Clerks, Property Room, Communications, and High Water Rescue. Mario Monterroza holds a Master Peace Officer Certification.


About Joe Martinez

Joe Martinez was appointed Lieutenant with the Precinct 6 Harris County Constable’s Office in January, 2017 after serving over 22 years with the Harris County Precinct One Constable’s Office. Lieutenant Martinez is part of the Administrative Command responsible for directing, managing, supervising and coordinating the activities and operations of the personnel in various divisions under his command within the Precinct Six Constable’s Office. These divisions include the Courthouse Operations, High Water Rescue, Training Division, Civil Division, Writs Division, Recruiting and Backgrounds, Property & Evidence and the Precinct six Dispatch Center. He also maintains direct oversite of the K9 Division and the Texas LESO Program. He is tasked with coordinating assigned activities with other divisions, departments and outside agencies and provides highly responsive complex administrative support. Lieutenant Joe Martinez has an Instructor Certification and a Master Peace Officer Certification.


About Michael Tran

Lieutenant Michael Tran is a first-generation immigrant from Vietnam who came to the United States when he was three months old. He joined the University of Houston Downtown Police Academy after graduating from high school in 1992. Lieutenant Michael Tran began his career with the Precinct 6 Harris County Constable’s Office in December 1998. He served in several capacities before being promoted to Administrative Lieutenant in February 2014. Lieutenant Michael Tran left to join the Port Terminal Railroad Association as a Special Agent for two years. In January 2017, Michael Tran was appointed by Constable Silvia Trevino as a a Patrol Sergeant and was shortly thereafter promoted to Lieutenant. Lieutenant Michael Tran has been serving our community for over 21 years.


About Warren Simmons

Lieutenant Warren Simmons Jr. has over 16 years in Law Enforcement. His passion to help other people is what led him to a career in Law Enforcement. Interacting with the public allows him to educate, be knowledgeable of the public needs, and to “protect and serve” Harris County. In 2018, Constable Silvia Trevino promoted Warren Simmons Jr. to Lieutenant overseeing the entire Houston Housing Division. Lieutenant Simmons received his Peace Officer Certification from the University of Houston Downtown Police Academy in 2001. He is a member of the Precinct 6 Honor Guard and has obtained an Advanced Peace Officer Certification.

Reserve Division


Chief Deputy – Reserve Division


Captain – Reserve Division