The Harris County Precinct 6 Constable’s Office serves an approximate area of 32 square miles. We serve approximately 170,000 constituents and that number increases yearly with all the new development of residential high rises and businesses going up in Precinct 6’s East End, Second Ward, EaDo, Magnolia, Fifth Ward, and Northside areas.

Precinct 6 has 130 employees consisting of 90 full-time Peace Officers, 10 Telecommunication officers, 10 clerk positions, and 20 non-paid Reserve Deputies.

We have embraced the use of our Reserve Deputies to assist with Field Operations and community-based law enforcement. Our Reserve Deputies contributed a total of 7,800 hours in 2019, providing a safe environment for our community.

While being one of the smallest precincts, when compared to the other precincts, Precinct 6 was 4th out of all eight precincts as far as arrests and charges for Class B and above arrests in 2019 as well as 2018. We average 90,000 Calls for Service per year, and average a response time of just over 3 minutes.

In Precinct 6’s 46-year history, it has always served three districts. On Patrol, time is of the essence and we have recently implemented a fourth district, which will put deputies closer to the area they patrol, thus improving response times.

Precinct 6 recently converted two District Patrol Deputy positions to motorcycle units. These Solo Units will provide safety for our children and traffic control throughout our schools in the mornings and afternoons and continue to run Calls for Service in between. We have 30 elementary schools in Precinct 6 that we will focus on.

We have created our very own Precinct 6 School resource program to address the dangers of Drugs, Weapons, Gangs, and Bullying. The presence of our Precinct 6 Deputy in the schools will also ensure that our students feel a sense of security while attending school.

Precinct 6 hosts a National Night Out event annually in August and has had over 1,000 attendees at each event for three consecutive years, with an increase in attendees each year.